Episode #36 - Fear the Deer

The boys are back and had a lot to say! We're giving the Bucks their roses, talking Olympics, Simone Biles, and previewing the upcoming season of Hard Knocks featuring Elly's Cowboys!

Episode #34 - Finals Preview

In this episode the boys go over "The Match" in golf, the keys to this Suns/Bucks finals match-up, and also talk about some of the coaching moves across the league.

Episode #31 - Playoffs Baby!

The guys dive into the first round of the playoffs. Fans are back and some are out of line. The guys are looking forward to weekend festivities and wrap the show up with their Finals Picks.

Episode #30 - Play-in Preview

We wrap up the regular season and preview the play-in games and first round playoff match ups. Season long gambling showdown is settled. The episode ends with some talk about our favorite PE games growing up.

Episode #28 - Dog Days of NBA

The ΓÇ£dog daysΓÇ¥ of the NBA lead the boys into talking about a mixture of topics, including: tennis, Tatis Jr, and even WWE. You name it, we got it! DonΓÇÖt worry NBA picks were also made.

Episode #27 - The Parenting Episode

In this episode the boys get back into NBA talk after a deep dive into ΓÇ£girl dadΓÇ¥ talk. They review the March Madness bracket and make their picks for Friday night.

Episode #26 - The Final 4

We discuss the final 4 and potential championship match-ups, our vault back up to the top of the bracket pool, and the NBA trade deadline moves/buyouts.

Episode #24 - Tourney Time

Talking brackets and what lower seeds to watch out for. Also, some shots fired by Elly when we get into Apex Tournament talk to end the episode.

Episode #22 - TGIF

The boys get back to basics with just straight basketball talk. All star starters announced, showing some love to a few hot teams out west, and introduce a new segment called ΓÇ£respect the manΓÇ¥.

Episode #21 - Chips & Picks

You asked for it… and we are here to deliver. Thats right, we’re talking our top 5 chips. Also, stay for the picks as we see if B can stay hot or if this is Elly’s big week.

Episode #20 - The Great Cereal Debate

The list everyone has been waiting for: our top 5 cereals of all time. Also in this episode is rumors and injuries talks, why you donΓÇÖt piss off the King, confirming that KU does indeed stink, and then some gambling picks for the full slate of games tonight.

Episode #19 - New Year, New App

Upon a full overhaul to a new recording app, the boys are ready to kickoff the New Year with more consistency. In this episode, the guys recap NBA news and games while also dabbling in some college hoops. The episode closes with gambling lines and picks.

Episode #16 - The Show Goes On

In this episode Elly and B discuss the GOAT Thanksgiving Side Dishes while covering the latest from the NBA scene. The boys also recap College Hoops action from last week.

Episode #15 - Get That Bag

In this episode Elly and B recap the NBA Draft and take a deep dive into free agency signings/trades. They discuss winners and losers so far of free agency. The guys also look at who got max deals and who might be over paid.

Episode #14 - Seems Goofy

The fellas are at it again, discussing major trades in the NBA. A heated debate rises about CP3 and the Suns while subtle shots are thrown towards WickΓÇÖs Nuggets. The episode ends with the most ΓÇ£interestingΓÇ¥ round of trivia in Heartland Hoops history.

Episode #13 - College Basketball Review

After a week off, the guys are excited to be back at it. They briefly discuss updated free agency news as well as coaching decisions. Then, they follow it up with a lot of exciting predictions for college basketball. The episode ends with Elly getting sniped on accident by the fellas; causing him to take a walk mid draft.

Episode #12 - Triva Take 2

The guys review the weekend and get a little side-tracked on NFL happenings. They also explore recent NBA Free Agency News/Rumors and then dive right into trivia. This time it is Wick defending his title against Elly.

Episode #11 - Free Agency Opens

In this episode, after learning EllyΓÇÖs struggle with staying home from work with his son, the guys look over the list of free agents and research news/rumors for those players. The episode closes out with the guys sharing their Top 5 NBA Point Guards All Time.

Episode #10 - Respect that Man

The fellas get passionate about The King getting his 4th championship, while outlining their stance on racial injustice. They start digging into the free agent season and finish up with a draft on the greatest NBA jerseys to be released.

Episode #9 - Battle of the ΓÇ£BrainsΓÇ¥

In this episode the guys discuss weekend festivities while poking fun at ΓÇ£over the topΓÇ¥ parents at youth sporting events. They also recap the action from the NBA Finals while making predictions for the rest of the series. The episode ends with a Head to Head Trivia show down between Wick and B.

Episode #8 - Elly Sniping B With Some NBA Talk

On this episode the guys talk free agents, finals and give a ton of KU love for their top 5 basketball players of all time. They briefly discuss the Nuggets / Lakers series, followed by the Boston / Miami series, while giving you live reactions to game 1 of the Finals. Elly snipes every single guy on BΓÇÖs top 5.

Episode #7 - AD Is Crushing Dreams (With Special Guest: TY)

In this episode the gang has a special guest appearance by TY. We talk about the Western and Eastern Conference finals, while briefly discussing The Nuggets and Clippers Game 7. We change things up by having a draft of our top 5 NBA players without a championship. Things get wild with the picks.

Episode #6 - Nuggets Clippers Game 7 Live Reaction

In this episode Elly and Wick are missing their partner in crime, B. They recap the exciting playoff action including a live reaction to Clippers vs Nuggets game 7. Elly brings a tear to WickΓÇÖs eye with his outlook on this rough 2020. The boys also touch on coaching changes and high anticipation for the off-season.

Episode #5 - Labor Day Hoops

In this Episode Elly, B and Wick update you on the current playoff series for the East and West. The Bucks steal a game from the Heat and the Laker tie the series up, with so much more action to talk about. They also touch on the ROY and 6th Man awards, finishing up with some Giannis free agent predictions.

Episode #4 - This Is A Business Cast

In this episode Elly, B, and Wick discuss current playoff action in the bubble - Butler making it known that this is a business trip and the Celtics are taking game 1 against the defending champs; there is a lot to catch up on. They also touch on LukaΓÇÖs current ranking in the NBA and finish with their best duos left in the playoffs.

Episode #3 - The Luka Show

Elly, Wick and B dig into the first round playoff action. Praising Luka for his performances while questioning the myth that is ΓÇ£Playoff PΓÇ¥. The guys also discuss the chemistry of the thriving Heat and Lakers while issuing a search for defensive effort from Denver heading into game 5.

Episode #2 - Playoff Time

In this episode Elly, B and Wick review the ΓÇ£All-BubbleΓÇ¥ awards. They also dig into the playoff matchups and briefly touch on this years ΓÇ£Hall of FameΓÇ¥ inductees.

Episode #1 - Pilot Episode

The Pilot is officially here. In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and get right into all things NBA basketball. Starting out with discussion on TuesdayΓÇÖs matchups and finishing with predictions for WednesdayΓÇÖs matchups. We then go over the finalists of the regular season awards, create A scary all bubble team and wrap up with some interesting playoff talk.