Episode #6 - Self Promotion

In this episode I talk about one of my least favorite topics ever: self promotion. This episode is my attempt to talk about a subject that I am very uncomfortable with by referencing a book I've owned for awhile, but have just recently carved out the time to read. The book is called "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon. It's a very short read and I encourage anyone that is interested in the topic to get a copy and read it fully yourself. Heck, if you're interested in reading it but aren't sure about spending the money, I'll even buy your copy from you if you aren't satisfied with it.

Episode #4 - The 'Merican Episode

Rick sits down with Russian double-agent Blake and talks about the land of the free: America. No topic is off limits when these two bald-eagle loving Americans sit down with alcoholic beverages and start letting loose. Some fun facts are sprinkled throughout.. but skip to 33:50 for the start of some very fun facts about the US of A. Don't forget to listen to the end for a special treat.

Episode #3 - Cold Showers

In this episode I talk about cold showers. Specifically, why I take them and what benefits they can provide. I also talk about the Wim Hof Method and offer my tips on how to ease into a cold shower. At under 20 minutes, have a listen to this on your commute to work. Thanks!

Episode #2 - WTF Is Up With WFH

I'm joined on this episode by Mr. Blake and we talk all about working from home and the difference between true working from home and what we called working from home during the pandemic. We attempt to shed some of our perspective on the subject and hope that you find it valuable.

Episode #1 - Who is Rick?

This episode is a brief introduction to who Rick is, what this podcast is about, and why they hell you should tune in. Thanks for checking it out and we hope you stick around for future episodes!